Diane E. Ullman & Donna Billick Co-Founders & Co-Directors
University of California
One Shields Avenue 150 Mrak Hall
Davis, Ca 95616


Nature's Gallery
2007 - US Botanical Garden, Washington, DC


  • A new paradigm for education is sprouting in the Northern California landscape. Students in the Art/Science Fusion Program at the University of California, Davis, connect the patterns, harmonies, symbols and perceptions that are shared across borders and disciplines.

  • Art/Science Fusion artwork is made in a collaborative effort by a group of student artists. Public art designed, fabricated, and installed collaboratively is a community build. This is a process of engaging a local community to work creatively and develop a permanent piece of public art.

ASF - Trailer

Observation & Experience

ASF Trailer

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2010 Harry Laidlaw
Honey Bee Haven, UC Davis


2012 Ted Talks



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Diane Ullman, Donna Billick to

Presents TEDx on Saturday, May 19 at UC Davis

TEDx-Ted Talk






LASER - UC Davis
Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous     

Brought to you by the UC Davis Art Science Fusion Program

Monday, April 7, 2014

Please join us for our LASER event at UC Davis!

An evening of captivating speakers who cross the disciplines of art and science.


Location: 3001 PES (Plant and Environmental Sciences Building) UC Davis Campus
Map: http://www.plantsciences.ucdavis.edu/plantsciences/map

Link to Entire Events Program: Laser Program

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